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Custom Scarf

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  • Poly chiffon, satin charmeuse, matte crepe, sheer poly,  poly/acrylic, jersey poly


  • Square: 16 x 16, 24 x 24, 26 x 26, or 36 x 36 Inches
  • Rectangle: 16 x 72, 10 x 45, 27 x 72, or 47 x 71 Inches

Care Instructions:

  • Poly/acrylic, sheer poly, and poly jersey scarves may be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dry on low.
  • Poly chiffon, satin charmeuse, and matte crepe scarves, must be hand washed in cold water. Do not agitate and lay flat to dry. The print on these materials may fade 5-10% the first wash. If your scarf feels stiff, mist it with water and tumble in a low heat dryer for 5-10 mins. 

After your design is finalized, please allow up to 4 days for printing and up to 7 days for shipping.