Engraved Wood Custom Coin Flip

Regular price $10

It's a flippin' coin.

Customize your own flipping coin with a logo or text, and we will laser engrave it for you. These coins are a fun accessory for making flippin' decisions. When you can't make up your flippin' mind your Custom Coin Flip will be there to save you!

Wood flipping coins come in a variety of sizes and we can also make them in custom shapes/dimensions on request.  

The "I Flippin' Love You" coins are perfect for couples.

The "Flippin' House" coins are also suitable for cohabitating couples, siblings or roommates.

If you just want a flippin' coin that's cool too. If ordering more than one please contact us for discounts!

Upon ordering, you will be contacted to discuss and confirm your design. Wooden coins are made in Chicago and are typically ready for shipping or local pick up in 3 days.